Proclamation of Gene Kahler 5-25-21

Sacraments are necessary for my religious practice for many reasons. Since I was a young boy there was something about churches and their preachers that never resonated with me and I struggled with this well into adulthood. Coming from a Christian church and family of God, I was never able to feel the love and connection in which I heard so many people speak of.

There was no light at the end of my tunnel. Until the age of 34 when I had a near death experience after being run over by a high speed boat. It was quite traumatic. This is what set the clock in motion. It lit my fuse, some would say, because I learned that there really was life AFTER death. A few years later I had the opportunity to embark on an Ayahuasca ceremony and I took it. It was the Shaman dose and not the tourist cup of tea. It seems as if they already knew what I was seeking and what I would become.

This sacrament opened my eyes to the true world, the true creator, the true architect of coconscious in all realms of existence or non-existence. I use and require these sacraments for use in ceremonial and deep meditation prayer to help me gain a deep connection with God. There is no other way to reach this level of reception unless you take the path of no return, death. Again, this can ONLY be done using these sacraments which is a part of our legal right, outlined in law, and more importantly- the law of creation.

Sacraments provide the way to shimmering frequency, rate, and combination of the crystals on the pineal gland which allows me to connect to our creator’s consciousness. The use of these sacraments allows for perfect timing when connecting, like in a perfect storm. Along with the use of these different sacraments, each one slightly vibrates frequencies at a different rate, supplying routes to other pathways of consciousness and enlightenment. By having No sacraments is like extinguishing the light at the end of my tunnel. This would be detrimental to my overall spiritual and mental health and well being. These are not through human laws but through laws of my creator. These sacraments, properly done with ceremony and meditative prayer, is the only way for me to see and work on the Creator's Quantum Math of geometry, the Creator's conscientious math of creation and more. At NO point in life have I felt the love of creation other than when I participate in ceremonies with sacraments. The connection it provides for myself and my fiancé, to connect with each other and our Creator can only come this way, as it's always been since time began, without an end. Nowhere has this been found for myself or my spouse with our connection together. This leads me to sacraments with our church and its people and creator's consciousness connection I provide as a facilitating Shaman of Ayahuasca, Yopo, and Iboga since the Ewando village healer thoroughly trained me and sent me with her blessings world wide. Therefore; this is why I require the use sacraments for the good of the human race. and myself.

Gene Kahler

Deem’d Shaman