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Vadainia Stokes I DID AYAHUASCA

I had a lovely journey with the Vine of Enlightenment Tribal Church. Shaman Gene Kahler led the journey. The space was incredible and I couldn't have felt safer being there.

I'll start my story after taking the tea and “the great purge” Ayahuasca is known for having a rough start but being beyond worth the mess. I will do my best to describe MY EXPERIENCE as it is different for everyone. Also, I should state that I'm going to attempt to share something that could in no way truly be explained.

I laid back and relaxed. I didn't see any colors in a way that I expected. When I closed my eyes I saw someone I loved on a canoe. She told me to follow her. I asked if she was supposed to be who she presented as and she simply informed me that no she took the form I needed to see. As I followed her I noticed the colors and some chakra patterns forming. So I started clearing each of my chakras one by one. As I pulled the energy of the earth up into my root I could feel it open completely. As I moved up to my chakras I found it to be like a new little puzzle. I worked my way to my heart and anchored my work. Then I moved on to finish the others from top to heart. I got stuck at my throat chakra so I asked for someone to come over so I could talk. As she went off to grab her tools to assist in aiding me to unblock my chakra I managed to clear it. I laughed and informed her I was past that point when she returned. Next was my heart. She helped me open that as best I could. I released all that I felt I was able to. From there I called it good and anchored my work. I sat up and had some conversations with a girl next to me and stayed in the circle. We watched as people were brought one by one to a chair with the shaman. Each person going through what looked like a rough experience. I honestly did not know what to expect from the next phase so I did not dwell on it in case I might back out. When it was my turn I was brought to the chair, half walking, half being carried with how disoriented I was. The shaman lit a pipe in from of me telling me exactly how to inhale. To take a deep breath, turn my head, and exhale quickly repeat, and on the third hold it. I felt the fear inside me and thought fuck it. I inhaled as deep as I could and the shaman encouraged me as I realized “oh holy fuck this is going to change everything”, and I continued another breath and finally the third which I held. I could feel the sweat start to pour out of me and I remember my fingers rubbing, then my hand coming together in a repetitive motion as the loop began. The music ran through me merging with the loop as I hit ecstasy. My hands run over my face as I hear myself moan and fall back. Every little thing in the universe started falling into place, over and over again. I saw every action happening in the now falling into that loop. All of the past, and all of the future as well. All of everything fell into the same focal point until I saw every molecule, every choice, and every action being pulled by such a force into the same place. Creating a massive kaleidoscope of time itself. I remember falling into the point of the gravitational pull. And being stuck. Everything moving at warp speed. I realized this was the universe, God, the metaverse. That everything came from it and looped back into it. I was this. That I was there at creation, and I was stuck, everything connected, I watched this creation from beginning to end. I saw the end of existence as well “the apocalypse” if you will, the apocalypse of the entire universe(my universe). As I watched it start and end over and over thinking this is it I am dead but it's okay because I never really existed in the first place nothing did. Everything I've ever known and loved was an illusion. I repeatedly went through the same emotions within this cycle. I can only describe the thought process as this. (Super botched attempt to explain an unexplainable cycle). This is existence, and I'm stuck here forever, but it doesn't matter because existence is just a perception and reality doesn't exist, so nothing matters, and I'm stuck here alone(remember my trouble with my heart chakra), this is existence now, I'm never going back to earth because it doesn't truly exist because it's just a perception, my perception, which makes me God, and it doesn't matter, because nothing matters, OH HOLY FUCK I FUCKED UP I WHAT HAVE I DONE I clearly wasn't ready for this stage yet, existence is a lie it's just one big drug-induced trip. And I'm stuck in this loop forever alone. I feel the sheer horror of this as I realize illusion or not everything is real. I'M STUCK AND I CAN'T GET OUT. (at one point I asked to be taken out and got the same response everyone did, there's nothing that can be done, just relax and ride it out WELP FUCK). I fall into the process sort of like this >This is existence >this is bliss >and I'm alone >but it doesn't matter >existance is an illusion >which makes it real >this is bliss >everything matters >existance is real >and it is an illusion> so it doesn't exist> so nothing matters >it is just an illusion >which makes it real >so everything matters >EXISTINCE EXIST BECAUSE IT DOESN"T. The most horrifying point is that time is also an illusion so I was stuck in this loop for eternity. And this continued while I was stuck staring at this bright light as if the universe was repeating so quickly that it was just one bright nuclear fusion. And I'm stuck here oscillating between pure bliss and absolute horror. Feeling as if I'm stuck alone. All while this happens I'm looking at my own life here. I realized to survive this ordeal I have to look at what keeps me tied to this world. I have to choose to live in the here and now. All at once, everything that truly matters to me in my life here on earth became crystal clear. I realized that my life on this planet was a choice I made every second of every moment and I saw exactly why I made the choice to be on earth in the first place. That this world fell into a massive web connecting all parallel universes to this "nuclear fusion" That I would need that tie to come out of this trip alive. For my body to survive. That the part of my soul that came on this trip wasn't coming back this loop was now its universe and I had to mourn leaving them there in such a beautiful fucked up paradox. This was truly the most beautiful experience I've ever had and yet the most horrifying all at once.

I end up going home with my mind blown open. When I was trying to sleep I kept getting pulled back into this loop. I tried to sleep but the fear I felt when the loop started kept waking me. So I took a Xanax to sleep. It worked for a couple of hours at least. Then it hits me at some point to release the loneliness and the fear of it all to let go and relax. I finally slip into sleep and wake in this loop and all at once I see this nuclear fusion again and I pull back to get a better look and see if I can see if it's the only fusion or if everyone makes up their own and BOOM I BECAME ONE WITH EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. I was in perfect unity with the universe. I now look forward to each and every time I fall asleep and wake up. I have never been so at peace with life and I am truly happy. Thank you Gene Kahler for this wonderful experience.

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Sydney Zane wrote this in the forum.

I just wanted to thank everyone from yesterday for providing me with such a magical experience. I appreciate you all.

I also wrote a poem about the experience and I didn’t really know where else to share it so I’ll just leave it here in case anyone cares to read it.

Hello my child. Hello my bride. Hello to all you feel inside. Blessings truly are self given. The moments from which we have risen. When you see god you’ll see your face. You’ll see yourself as growing space. Expanding outward to the reaches. This is what the divine preaches.We are worthy as fractions’ total. The beings of sensation’s modal. Truth is abundant, the truth is now. We’re just gods without our sound. So how do beings, blistered rise? They simply shirk fear of demise. They know this is not what to fear. As it’s whispered in their ear. For god is simply recollection, love, remorse, and deep reflection. ---------------------------------------------

Stacey spurlock Stacey

19 hours ago

No words and a million words, it happens every time I’m in Fayetteville and I’d love to get face to face with someone who would also love to get together and share the experience of knowing. I was going to say joy, but that was what I was left with after all the wild, feral shit I physically experienced. I know I’m not ‘ready’ to go again, but I’m ready to go again I keep thinking of all these specific things that happened and just smiling and laughing and shaking my head. So much physical and mental shit let tf go. Unfuckingbelievable. I can’t express my gratefulness, thankfulness, admiration, respect, feelings of love that I have never ever ever ever experienced in my life. And when everyone is together and connected in that spiritual realm holy shit oh my God why can’t everyone just feel this love and connectedness and let it take you over. Dayum. I have studied and watched so many things about these sacraments, have watched different experiences in different settings with shamans with doctors in clinical settings and I am so grateful that I had this experience with shaman and all of the elders. Here’s my number if anyone would like to talk Also, I’ve been a massage therapist in fayetteville for 13+ years. You’d be surprised at the things I can help with, even things that you may have been to allllll the doctors and specialists and even had the surgery. They don’t address the fascia, I do. Ask me ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tlanders

a day ago

I just can't get over how amazing you, the other gatekeepers and shaman were! Damn man. This is going to take a while to unpack. It was both the best thing and most horrifying thing that's ever happened to me_________________________________________________________

Mark strickland

a day ago · Edited

I have to put a shout out here for the July ceremony that happened last night. WOW! EVERYONE I met was kind, polite and very outgoing. The gate keepers were spot on and available the second you needed them. Thank you guys! The ceremony itself was well laid out in a very private and gorgeous setting. Again to the gate keepers. You guys were very understanding and very helpful during the ceremony. Thank you guys!

Now to you Shaman. � you were right. You got me to where I needed to be just as you said and by the end of the night.....i had a journey that i could never had predicted. Thank you my friend. I can guarantee you that i will return, both as a journey bound member and should you need the extra hands as a gatekeeper when needed. Thanks man.

One last thing.....I want to say to anyone considering there first journey. If you are looking for a friendly, and safe environment VOE is the place for you. Shaman WILL get you to where you need to be. As this was my first time, not knowing what to expect, of course i had my doubts. Shaman knows. Shaman got me there. Thank you guys. Shaman, gatekeepers, and journiers alike. I can't wait to see you guys again.



19 hours ago

What an honor and a blessing to witness you brave souls doing such deep soul work. The transformations of healing were beyond measure. "When one of us heals, we all heal." The depth of healing is truly surreal. The divine connections are very real. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this community. Thank you to everyone who pulls together and creates such sacred space. Thank you Tara and Shaman for your dedication and heart space.

Dakota Grey Moon Kota Moon

5 hours ago

I was on my way home yesterday, I was processing and learning and still am this morning. While I was headed home I stopped and got two rings and when I got home I proposed to my fiance again. I learned how to love myself and how to let go of selfish pride. I learned how to be okay in the moment and to stop dwelling on the past and the pain. I learned that I am worthy and am more than capable of being the person I have strived to be but couldn't find the courage to be until I met Mother Aya. I learned how to forgive myself. I am so happy! A feeling of pure bliss and pure energy. A vibration, a low frequency buzz is still flowing through my body this morning. What a magical feeling! My fiance is even considering the possibility of becoming a member and experiencing Aya. My testimony of my journey has opened her eyes as well. Thank you all so much! What beautiful people! I am just so grateful for everyone and everything! Thank you Shaman! Love you brother!


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My experience with Vine of Enlightenment, our Shaman and his light workers. I tried Ayahuasca tea, Lemon tek. Syrian root, ect. They are so full of love it’s unbelievable. The whole tribe was amazing with me and with everyone else who joined in last nights ceremony. They blessed me, hugged me, cried with me, sat with me, checked on me, and they truly helped me so much. I would recommend it to anyone if your looking for a different natural kind of healing. They are 110% respectful of everyone’s person beliefs. This is a Native American Healing Church, this is legal and everything used is as a religious sacrament which is protected under our first amendment. Gene Kahler

Ayahuasca helps with depression, anxiety, addictions, PTSD, and so much more. Do yourself a favor and look into ayahuasca yourself. If you need help, we are here and you don’t have to spend thousands to go to Peru or anywhere outside of the United States. We are partnered with John Hopkins university doctors and are the only tribe granted scientific research rights. We are making history while helping so many.

Tknowledge wrote:

It was so nice to meet all the new people! I pray each and every one of you found your answers you were seeking and more it’s always a blessing to witness the transformations that take place during ceremony. Thanks for putting your trust in our shaman and Vine of Enlightenment. Welcome to the family! I’m here if anyone needs to talk.

I can't say that I found the answers I wanted......with that said I understand why. Other things have to be addressed first before I'm ready for the other answers. That is what I took from it and to me that is success. You guys made me feel again......and I can't thank you enough for that. I will see you guys Wednesday.

jesseraphael wrote:

I just wanted to say thank you to shaman and the gate keepers for an amazing experience. I was at a loss for words after and still struggle to find the right words to describe it, but maybe words aren’t meant to. I found a new family this weekend and love you all for everything you do.


2 days ago

Thank you to Shaman and the gatekeepers. So understanding and lovely. Gracias!

Maya Mayamariee

2 days ago

I just caught up on all the post and I’m speechless. This was truly a amazing experience and I’m glad I got to meet each and every one of you guys. I’m truly honored to be apart of this tribe ❤️ It’s beautiful