What will I need at a ceremony.

Good Intention's, An open mind. A change of clothes. Really !!!!! Any favorite cover blanket.. Followed the diet and fasting.. Signed all disclosers NDA and waivers. Eye cover, Ear Plugs

Be free of any drugs as in Xanax, Opiates, Antidepressants. We do not condone any drug use. We do not distribute or provide any drugs. We want the meditation pure. Remember, Others are in deep meditation. Please be respectful of there Journey being Quiet. .... Reduce meats and poultry, milk, alcohol for 5 days and fast 4 hours with zero food, just water, avoid caffeine.

Call and go over all medical conditions with us prior to receiving sacraments. Consult with your PCP. Sacraments are not mandatory for ceremony, healing starts by being around this sacred energy. .


What we provide.

The Deem;d Shaman, is trained and facilitating over a decade. 25 years of study. Ayahuasca, YoPo, Iboga, My Shaman Teacher Josephine who is Ewondo Bwiti Fang tribe "document is posted below". Village healer shaman who trained me as Iboga and Ayahuasca facilitator. Then blessed me to take it to the world.

We start with Secure Quiet sacred safe place for prayer ceremony. fire / candle meditation and third eye opening ritual Tm Cover bedding and air mattress per participant. Your own sacred space. Personal hygiene cleaning toiletries. Two separate tea sacraments.

Grand Master Shaman and One Shamana or Gatekeeper per 6 participant's. Fruits, juices, hydrate with good sugars, finger food, water. We will have proteins meats for us meat eaters.

Very deep connection with Mother Ayahuasca that's an experience one never forgets. The spiritual connection the churches energy provides life changing results to our creator.. Of any Creator you know in your own heart. Your very own journey..

Ending ceremony discussion and integration, health checks and blessings.

Spring Summer and Fall, we hold ceremony outdoor for that deeper connection. All our places of sacred ceremony are comfortable, clean, and private locations. We have access to Kayak rental and we have skilled river guides.

Venue varies depending if its one or three days. .

If you have ANY Bi Polar, or any other mental issues please speak with us and your doctor . Many find relief from Mother Aya. Its not for everyone. If one waits till there "ready" that time may never come. I show and open the door. I guide you. However, you must walk through the DOOR.

Come enjoy the energy, the friendship and love. We are all about family. We encourage you to seek any and all information.

Separate fact and fiction. Look at opinion and look at what is science.

What I do, is me. You do what you do, is you.