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Mother Ayahuasca showing , Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom and Love

Healing through Ayahuasca

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Continue below for your forum signup, which will give you all benefits of a member of the Church after you have successfully completed all necessary forms and followed the correct steps as layed within "Join Here, New Members" topic. FAQ, Click Team and people. #legalayahuasca We are a standing branch of Oratory of Mystical Sacraments

Arkansas, church ceremony every third saturday of the month

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Bringing Spirituality to all who seek It's Truth.

Shaman led ceremony using ancient and modern Knowledge and Wisdom.

Ceremony is held every third Saturday of Every Month. 5pm to midnight (times may change, so please submit your request to be a part of the ceremony before within the forum) Must be a member in good standing. Donation to become a member is 300.00 per yr includes your first ceremony. Anytime you desire ceremony in any month to participate is 150.00 donation.

Military and Veteran donation to become a member of the Church is $300 and then $100 per ceremony per membership. There are many military members that are a part of this family and will be there and support you through any you are dealing with.

We are not like Retreats or Vacation destinations. VOE doesn't charge huge rates like other sacrament ceremonies, it's about you getting the healing spirituality you desire, were legal as a CHURCH.

We work with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction through spiritual psychedelic therapy .

Without this plant sacrament, we cannot achieve our conscious connection to our "Creator"

To find out the positive benefits of ayahuasca and our sacred sacraments you must become a member. This is a life changing event and once you join the forum please read through and see what others have been shown. JOIN OUR FORUM!

10 Years Therapy in One Night.

PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Abuse, Psychotherapy. Addiction

We work with Veterans, Active Military, School Teachers, Doctors, Nurses and yes even Police officers. The healing of mother ayahuasca has been proven for thousands of years. Beyond the healing lays, Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom and Love.

This is a Ayahuasca retreat of healing and understanding.

2nd annual fire ceremony

Orbs, Spirits, Fractal Energy, Souls, Healing energy. These come to me at prayer and ceremony. They manifest and move about. I have many videos from years past with Orbs. I'm a Shaman who really works within the spirit realm. Don't be fooled by fakes and trip sitters. This is real in depth ceremony. Click or copy paste above like for testimony's click or paste link to view code of conduct Click the link to view Ayahuasca

Sacred Sacraments

These sacraments are your sacred right and guaranteed by the US constitution. The Ayahuasca and peyote ceremony is our only way for us to strengthen our spiritual connection to our Creator.

We dedicate ourselves to making the Deem'd Shaman Experience fulfilling and enlightening. Ayahuasca, Yopo, Iboga

Covid -19 compliant

The Shaman

We are a loving couple with strong beliefs. Our goal is to guide others as they find their own way. Leaving them to their own personal and spiritual Journey.

Within our tribal church, may we all find peace within ourselves.

Shaman Gene and Tara

The Four Principle Keys

Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love

Truth, of the beyond, Everywhere.

Knowledge, of all things.

Wisdom, to use with knowledge.

Love, from the Creator.

Dont forget the upper left navigation tab. Meet the team, Holistic Herbs, Sacrements, Legals and much more. This is a healing center.

We are a branch of Oratory Mystical Sacraments/ OMS

Our sacrament is Ayahuasca, Done in ceremony with a Highly recognized Shaman. Also an Iboga master.

If your interested in being a member and learning and knowing the divine through a higher realm, we have open arms.

Were rated number 14 in the united states.

We do not sell, distribute or cordon any illegal drugs..

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